Our illustrious 100% virgin hair is of the finest quality. This elite product has been collected from a single donor and is unprocessed. The Virgin hair has never been chemically treated, bleached or permed and has been carefully hand selected and inspected to ensure you receive the best quality. The superior grade is A8 hair.  




Before Instalment:


Once hair is received, pre shampoo your hair. 

The pre-poo method is as follows:

Shampoo the bundles twice, and condition the hair once. Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly until bundles are free of product. Rinse with cold water. Air dry your bundles. 


After Installation: 


Once hair is installed, recommended hair wash is per your hair stylist. Use the bare- minimum of styling products, to refrain from product build up. Keeping your hair clean you will receive the best results. 


Curly/Wavy Hair 

Before Installment After Installation: 


Once your hair is received, Co-Wash the Bundles.

CO-Wash method: Wash your hair without shampoo, the use of conditioner is only required. Rinse the hair with cold water. Air dry your bundles. Remember, Curly/wavy hair requires a lot of maintenance*